Reinhard Knodt (born Oct. 13th 1951) studied philosophy with Hans Georg Gadamer and Manfred Riedel, and literature with Gerhard Neumann. He taught medieval literary history for two years in the Jesuit College at Maynooth (Co. Dublin) German literature for two years in Bayreuth.  Subsequently he taught Philosophy for 8 years at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In 1991 he travelled on a DFG stipend to Pennsylvania State University, USA. The following year he took over a chair at HDK in Kassel after which he became permanent staff author of Bavarian Radio. Since 2006 he has been fulfilling various teaching contracts in Philosophy at the Universities of Bamberg an the Art Academy of Nuremberg, above all at the Universität der Künste (UDK) in Berlin, where he lives. Reinhard Knodt founded a house of „Philosophy for Creatives“ and a seminar series, www.Philosophie-fuer-Kreative. Alongside books of philosophy – among which his theoretical work Aesthetic Correspondences was selected for the Reclam Universalbibliothek series – he has also written a number of works of literature, for which he received various prizes, as f. e. the literary prize of the Academy of Beaux Arts of Bavaria. In 2004 he was resident author in Abenberg. He has written around 100 hours of radio features and Plays on themes from philosophy, literature and art to architecture, landscape, and gardens, a stage play, and two oratorio librettos. His latest publications are a literary-philosophical book entitled „Schmerz“ (pain) published by PalmArtPress, Berlin in 2014 and the meanwhile well known book: „Der Atemkreis der Dinge“ (In the Breath of Things. Alber 2017/2018.